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Do I really need to backup my data, and why the cloud?

Yes, you really do. If you're using an external usb drive, those can fail, get stolen, lost or damaged. If there were a fire, flood or other natural disaster, that data could be lost forever. Using our cloud, you get redundancy and gauranteed security no matter what.

But I use Dropbox or Google Drive, etc. for my files...

Even still, cloud storage services are fantastic, and reliable but they're not the same as cloud backups. If a file is deleted by accident, or you need an older version of this one form, with storage services you're out of luck. With us, we have every version and every file. No more accidental deletions, no more version control pains, just a backup service that works the way you need.

Do I have to get rid of my cloud file storage?

Absolutely not, our software will work alongside those services. It's the best of both worlds, with zero tradeoff.

What is Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery?

Business Continuity is your company's ability to continue operation during an emergency or outage, and disaster recovery is your ability to get back up once an outage occurs. They both cover every aspect of your operation, from servers and device failure to building security and human error.

I'm Just a small shop, do I really need a recovery plan?

No matter how big or small your business is, it's imperitive that your business is ready to go 24/7. The world doesn't sleep, and neither can your infrastructure.

Why do I need you for my telecommunications?

It depends on what your business is trying to accomplish, but a lot of the time you'll need servers, phones and a network infrastructure you can trust. We tie everything together to ensure a seamless integration across the board so you know you can handle anything.

Why Can't I just Call The Local ISP for My Internet and other Telecom needs?

You can, but they'll give you the standard plan that everyone gets. We'll perform an audit on your specific needs, and then take that out for bid. Instead of standard pricing, we can have those same companies fight for your business, and you choose the winner.

How many Telecom Providers do you work with?

We have connections to over 80 industry leaders around the world ranging from colocation and cloud hosting to SD-WAN, fiber, voip and more.

I Provide IT services myself, can I outsource some things to You?

Absolutely, check out our partnerships page to learn more about teaming up. We're always looking for the best and brightest in the industry. Not in IT? We're looking for other professionals too: plumbers, contractors, security experts and many more. Drop us a line.

I'm still not convinced I need this, What am I missing?

That's okay too, we're not here to sell you something you might not need, but get in touch anyway, and we'll give you a free consultation anyway just to see if all your bases are covered.



Tyler Despain, Kico Cortes, Xavier Acosta and Joe Dahle are life long friends, and have spent years in IT and Management roles. Each of them have seen first hand what it takes to keep a business operational. They bring a wealth of knowledge surrounding law firms, medical facilities, restaurants, retail shops and broadcast industries. They are able to translate those fundamentals across the board. Rheap brings enthusiasm dedication and nuanced perspective for your unique business.

We opened our doors in 2017 because we saw a gap. Everyone is reacting to the world. We aim to Make it Better by preparing for the event in which you go offline. Before Rheap, Tyler and Joe worked in IT, and every day a pattern would emerge. Someone had a problem, they couldn’t work and called for help, that led to the troubleshooting process, then the fix and then work resumed. Sometimes the fix took days depending on the issue, and more often than not the issue could have been prevented. That’s where Rheap begins. IT support is reactionary by nature and you need a proactive approach.