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Providing Infrastructure and Planning For Your Modern Business

Your IT needs are more important than they’ve ever been. Whether you own a small shop or you have over 100 employees, it’s imperative to have peace of mind. Few things can cause more stress than waiting for IT to troubleshoot and fix an issue. Sometimes you just don’t know if it will it take a few minutes or a few days. If you can’t work, you’re losing money. We’re here to prevent and minimize all things that go awry.

Let’s run through a scenario: You own a pizza shop, nothing fancy but it’s a hit during lunch. Your POS system is connected to a server in the back and all of a sudden transactions aren’t going though. That server just experienced a hardware failure and now you have to explain that it’s cash-only to the line out the door. Sounds dreadful right? Now you have to call your outsourced IT company and frantically explain whats going on and they’re going to try and figure out how to fix this remotely. Spoiler— it’s not going to happen remotely, and it’s going to take 3 days before the hard drive comes in and the server is rebuilt. At least you had backups right?

This is where we come in. Instead of playing catch-up and reacting to issues and problems, you can be prepared for everything. We’ll create a comprehensive business continuity plan tailored to your unique business. We’ll cover the possibilities for an outage and help implement a plan that can minimize your outages turning 3 days into an hour or less.



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Business Continuity

The core purpose and vision of our business. We’re are here to provide peace of mind for your business. We have a simple 4-step process, audit, plan, implement and train. We’ll take the time to learn every aspect of your business. Then, we create a comprehensive plan so that every base is covered. We then train and provide the resources to act on that plan.


Enterprise Cloud Backups

Backups are essential to your business, period. We’ve partnered with industry leaders to provide a complete solution for your business because your ability to operate is mandatory. We can easily tailor a service so that it’s both affordable, yet robust. We guarantee a solution that will meet your needs for the best price possible.


Telecom Solutions

Modern day business relies on your connectivity. We’ve worked hard to form long lasting relationships with ISPs, colocation centers, VoIP providers and many others. This ensures competitive rates and bleeding-edge telecom solutions while still tailoring the solution to your specific needs. Your success is our highest priority.


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